Who We Are

FirePower is a community of fitness. A place where you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. A place where you don't have to be in great shape to start.
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The FirePower Advantage

FirePower is known to be a respected leader in the local fitness community where a diverse group of people experience elite coaching and a welcoming, inclusive community. We have a reputation for building powerful, capable people through hard work and high standards.  

Our unique ability to serve all age groups from youth to masters aligns with our vision to positively influence the lives of 100,000 people in our local community and beyond.

We are known for much more than fitness. We aren’t just building stronger people; we are building a stronger community where we live. At every opportunity, we volunteer our time and open our wallets to share our resources.

Nothing Is Stronger Than Family.

We are a hub of physical, mental and social health where everyone is welcome and feels drawn to be part of like a fire in their soul. Our mission is to build a community of fitness & health through coaching and connecting. Our goal is to have our members become part of our community for over a decade.

These FirePower Core Values guide our action and the actions of the people who work for us:

  • A Supportive Family Environment
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment
  • Top Quality

Our Promise

Our promise is to give our members the attention they deserve and treat everyone with respect & equality, regardless of age, race, gender or fitness ability. We guide and advise all our athletes in pursuit of their goals whether it’s to change their lifestyle, recover from an injury, or compete in sport again; however we will never sacrifice our own values, faith, or our morals in that pursuit.

Every Family Has A Story. Welcome To Ours.

FirePower began as the story of George and Andrea Savard and their twins Samuel and Charly. It was born from our vision to reconnect families through sport and our desire to have our family simply be together.  Initial training began inside a high school in Cambridge, Ontario in 2005 as a recreation boxing gym.  Within 2 years, Team FirePower had grown into its own facility, added a competitive boxing division, and had sent Andrea to the Canadian National Championships following a Provincial title.

Using George’s training experience from his pro football days, Team FirePower combined boxing, Olympic lifting and training into their FirePower Hockey program, leading elite OHL and NHL athletes to top fitness testing results. In April 2008, we opened FirePower CrossFit  in Milton, Ontario.  At the time, it was the largest CrossFit Affiliate in Canada and one of the largest in North America.  Through the help of some early adopters and our dedicated training staff we all began spreading the word and the excitement of CrossFit to our local community and far beyond.  Passionate about fitness, family and the CrossFit philosophy…chasing virtuosity.

FirePower Kids came to life in 2009.  Striving to have families workout together and share a passion for fitness, the youth program got kids off their devices while parents worked out, and started new conversations at the dinner table. Over a decade later, we have seen kids growing up surrounded by fitness, eating healthy, learning the basics of movement for whatever sport they want to play, and for some, finding that CrossFit has become their sport!

In September 2011, FirePower entered into an exciting partnership with Reebok to continue our quest for bringing a whole new culture of health fitness to Milton & beyond!  We are extremely proud to be part of a growing international CrossFit Family.  George and Andrea were invited to represent Canada on the Global Affiliate Board through Reebok International with other RCF affiliates from Korea, Spain, Panama, France, Dubai, and the USA.

Serving the 911 community is an important part of our service. We feel compelled to support our front line workers and their families. In 2009, we launched Canadian FireFighter Appreciation Day; a charity event intended to give civilians a first hand look into the fitness levels and team work needed for firefighters. To date the event has raised over $75,000 for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

We invite you to the gym and have a coffee with us.  We’ll share our mission to Reconnect & Reenergize Families In the Halton Region & Beyond Through Fitness.  It’s worked for ours.  Let us help you make it work for yours.


Andrea & George Savard