We foster a love of fitness & eating well, and help teens develop the
self-confidence to make good decisions in all areas of life.
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Grades 6-12 Welcome!

Our focus is on coaching - guiding, mentoring and encouraging. Coaching is what we do!  Whether you are looking for a group fitness class or a private / specialized environment, we can help!

We are most proud of creating a community of like-minded teens and young adults – a place where it’s cool to workout, talk about health and encourage others to do their best. With our community-building focus, we are the place to learn life skills that will be carried on forever.

New Members Welcome!

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Contact our Head Coach, Youth Fitness & Development to schedule an intro class at the appropriate level.

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Novice Classes

This class will focus on building foundational movement patterns and developing body awareness. Athletes will learn key functional movements such as squats, power cleans, push-ups, and deadlifts. Workouts will typically be shorter, repeated efforts focusing on quality movement. 

Intermediate Classes

This class will build on the athletes' foundational movements, focusing on the increased intensity and sustained efforts. Athletes will understand the key functional movements and require small adjustments for optimal performance. Workouts will vary in duration, focusing on quality movement through increased volume and intensity. 

Advanced Classes

This class will focus on building athletes' strength and stamina through their well-developed foundational movements. Athletes will begin to learn more complex movement patterns and advanced exercises such as toes to bar and rope climbs. Workouts will push athletes to higher intensities at varying durations, mimicking more competitive sessions

Special Camps & Training

Summer Athlete Development Training Camps for Athletes in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.

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School Groups, & Homeschool Program