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Who are you doing it for?

Ryan Devries
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Nobody wants to feel like the odd person out. We don't like unnecessary added attention, and we do not want the choices we make to be mocked or questioned.

When you choose to eat healthy or go to the gym regularly or sleep 8 hours a night, sometimes, we have to be prepared for all of those things to happen. The actions or words of those around us are constantly pulling us back towards our old habits.

A common scenario that we all struggle with is the workplace lunch. You are sitting around a group of people that you work with in a lunchroom and they see exactly what you are eating. Something as simple as "Wow, you are a healthy eater," or "Are you sure you don't want a cookie" (for the third time) can be intimidating to anyone.

Not to mention lunches out with coworkers. Maybe we shy away from complicated orders that may fit within our eating plans, so others do not comment on it. Even if the comment is neutral, it still brings attention to what we are doing.

Around the holidays is a particularly harder time to do this. We are bombarded by overindulgence everyone, and are expected to take part.

Our health journey is very private and personal to us and it is ok to want to keep it as such. However, you want to be prepared for those challenges.

Remember, when people comment or ask, it is because they want to understand. Don't let the fear of what others may think affect you staying on track. You made a choice to make a change, and you picked a challenging time to do it. So, bring your lunch to work, bring a healthy dish to a party, eat raw veggies off of the veggie tray, say no to the cookies, if that is what you want to do this holiday season, or at any time.

These steps you are taking are for YOU, not anyone else.

With love,

Coach Ryan

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