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We love our coffee! And we love our community!

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

“Acup of coffee shared with a friend isa taste of happiness & time well spent”

If there is one thing we love more than our FirePower friends, it's coffee! So much that we'd like to share this love with you. Our coaches are armed with a stack of FirePowered Timmy's cards for $10. When we find one of you doing something awesome, the game begins! If you receive a card, please spoil yourself with a coffee and a donut - you've earned it.

Here's our wish:

Giving brings us joy and happiness. We hope you love paying it forward as much as we do!

Once you've used the card balance, we encourage you to reload it with $5, $10 or whatever you feel, and gift it to someone else in the RCFP member community. Just because they are awesome too. Doesn't have to be because they are the strongest (or maybe they are!), or maybe you saw them going out of their way to help a friend or a new member.

Building a community of fitness and a community of giving. Let's see where this goes!

Coach Dan presents Fabiana with the inaugural RCFP Tim's card!

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