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The Open - Final Week

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

CrossFit is your sport, and this is yourseason.   This 5-week Open competition is as much of amental battle as it is physical. Imagine being a pro baseballplayer and having to play 162 games before even moving onto the next round.  As with any competitive sport, you need to beable to grind out the entire season, and sometimes its hard to maintain your‘umph’. We have 1 more game to play this weekend!

Whether you’re 6 months into CrossFit, PR’ing everything you touch or chasing the elusive pull-ups or snatch weight, we hope you've been able to simply take it all in. Stick with your training, work with a coach over the next year and by the 2018 Open you’ll be blown away with theimprovements! If you’re a seasoned veteran competing against your gym ‘frenemies’, control what you can controland do your best; what they do is up to them! Crush your strengths and minimizethe damage on your weaknesses.  Don’t tryand do things differently because it’s The Open. 

The Ups and Downs we all go through duringthe 5 weeks is pretty cool to look back on.

  • Week 1 – You’re jacked up andready to see what the past year of training hasdone to your fitness level; or your crapping your pants of "what have I signed up for?"
  • Week 2 – Wow, Week 1 was reallyhard. "I didn’t do as well as I wanted", or "Whoa, I got my first bar muscle-up!" I love the Open.
  • Week 3 – Hmm, should I scalethis one or attempt a PR weight. Ah heck let's go for RX! Or, as heard by many, Damn you Dave Castro!
  • Week 4 – Ok DL, wallball & rowing...I can do this! ....wait WTF, how did I die so quickly?
  • Week 5 – What’s it going to bethis week.. I really hope it’s not ______(fill in the blank). Where's my beer?

One more workout to go! Now is the time to buckle down and finishwhat you started. Continue giving this last workout 110%but let’s also use this time to make a plan for your next year of training. Irecently read a quote saying, “The moreyou sweat in peace time, the less you’ll bleed in War.” Take it for whatits worth but if CrossFit is something you are serious about this is verytranslatable!


The Final Friday Night Lights

This is a night for celebrations! It's our annual pot-luck party. Please try to bring a small snack to share if you can. BYOB** and also the keg** will be pouring as well! As a special treat, our coaches will be performing their wods in a special heat approximately 5:30/6pm. Come watch these elite athletes in action and cheer on their efforts as they do for you everyday!

We also have a little gift for all of you who participated this year. Hot off the press are our NEW RCFP CAR ATHLETE DECALS! Show your pride for your gym and yourself as an amazing athlete! Please pick yours up at the front desk starting Friday.

FirePower Kids is hosting the final Workout/Dinner/Movie Night for kids - must RSVP ahead of time please!

**Do not drink and drive. Make sure to have a responsible drive home or call a cab!

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