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Teen Summer Weightlifting Program

Andrea Savard
April 26, 2024
5 min read

4 Week Teen Summer Weightlifting  Program

FirePower's Youth Athletic Development Series returns again this summer for the 18th year. This July, our focus is on weightlifting to build foundational muscle and skyrocket your strength. Over the course of four weeks, you'll learn proper weightlifting techniques under expert supervision, ensuring safety and efficacy.

This summer series is designed specifically for teens aged 13-17. 

Focus is on slow and controlled strength training with proper form and supporting accessory & mobility work.  Training will incorporate a combination of barbells and dumbbells.   

Our elite specialty trainers ensure a safe and supportive environment for teens to thrive and gain confidence in their skills.

Program Details: July 2nd - 27th, 2024

Two Options To Choose From:

1) 8 Sessions (2 days/week) for base level effort. Tuesdays & Thursdays. $199

2) 12 Sessions (3 days/week) for enhanced training effort. Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. $249

All days start at 10:30am.
Sessions are 60 to 75 minutes long and limited to 10 athletes.


**** Youth CrossFit classes will be continuing through the summer in the evenings with a slightly modified schedule. Email for details.

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