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June 29, 2017

Summer Sunrise Boxing Series

Time to get up...wrap up...and shape up!

For the month of July, you are invited to join Coach Andrea in a special morning boxing workout. Follow along in the interval-training based, core-strengthening, and conditioning workouts. Beat the heat with a morning sweat and add some variety into your training and feel the benefits of your cranked up energy and metabolism for the rest of the day!

The Details:

Current members - if you are a CF Unlimited, CFL+ or current boxing member, there is no extra charge for you to participate. These are included in your month membership. :)

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No experience necessary. This is open to ages 14+. If you have equipment, bring it with you, otherwise we recommend you purchase wraps & gloves at our front desk for sanitary purposes or use the community gloves/wraps we have available.

Nutrition Note for Morning Workouts:

Make sure you come to the classes hydrated and properly fuelled for workouts. Have a source of carbohydrates and protein before your workout. If you workout early in the morning… try liquids before the workout (shake/smoothie). Higher glycemic foods are preferred around your workout time to replace glycogen stores (but not just sugar). Eat within the window (30 minutes for carbohydrates, 45-60 minutes protein). Liquid protein after your workout is best (ie: recovery protein shake with almond milk). We can recommend a protein at the gym - we may even make you a sample one on your first day!

Andrea Savard

As owner of Reebok CrossFit FirePower, Andrea has been in athletics for over 25 years in high performance teams and coaching. With a background in corporate marketing from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, she has built RCFP to a world-class training facility with her husband George. Together they are raising twin kids and twin dogs in Milton, Ontario.

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