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Resolution or No Resolution: You Decide

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Swearing you will get into shape is one of the dumbest New Year’s Resolutions ever.

Getting into shape isn’t something you, “do” and when you scream to the world that this is the year you will change your life.  You will fail…. unless you understand that getting into shape isn’t something that is done, but how you live. Health is a journey, not a destination.

Resolution people fail because they believe that working out cancels out all the bad in their lives that led to getting out of shape. You cannot out train a destructive lifestyle and there is no known workout that can overcome too little sleep, too many beers, too much crap food and a lifestyle dedicated to a butt firmly planted to a couch 10 hours a day juggling electronic devices as your sole source of exercise.

Joining a gym, dropping by a few times a week, walking slowly on a treadmill, but changing nothing else in your life, is why most gyms should only be gyms during the first month of the year and then turn into bars for the next 11 months. You join with good intentions, but those intentions fade quickly if nothing else changes and you retreat to the destructive life you never really left.

If you want change, then change everything, because there is no change that matters in life without total commitment. If you are in, then get naked, stand on the cliff and dive for the very deep water. Fitness isn’t wading in the shallow end, it is a lifestyle progression that day-by-day leads to a life of quality, fulfillment, energy and passion and can only be achieved by leaping off the cliff with no Plan B.

If you want to get in shape this year, commit your soul, because you are worth it. No one on this planet can get you in shape unless you are all in and ready to seek a healthier, and happier, lifestyle that goes along with true fitness.

Get naked and jump people, or don’t even bother to pretend that this is your year for fit. All in, or stay home, is the only way anything worth doing is ever done and finished. And it would be easier with a good coach holding your hand, but I have said that before.


Reposted From Thomas Plummer, Fitness Business Guru & FirePower Mentor
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