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Reintroducing The Gym - After 6 Months or 6 Years

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Starting Over Safely

If you’ve been away from the gym for 6 months due to COVID or even 6 years because life got in the way, right now is a great time for anyone to reintroduce the gym into their weekly routine. It is important to get back into (or start!) a training routine slowly and intentionally in order to avoid injury or burn out and promote positive progress for the long run!

At FirePower, we take very specific measures to make sure everyone gets started with their best foot forward.  Then, training slowly ramps up as appropriate to keep you progressing and improving. Our beginner programming is adjusted since most people are starting back from minimal or modified activity.  Here are some things that our coaches focus on that you should be aware of too as you get back into the gym:

1. Technique is paramount. That means very individualized attention to each member that attends our classes! Even from 10′ apart our coaches will be able to ensure you are moving with good form for the best safety and movement quality.

2. Safe & effective scaling options. Workouts have many options for modifying movements, repetitions and time-frames. Many people will be advised to follow these modifications, making them really great beginner workouts (or a refreshing start with perfect movement quality for more experienced members!)

3. Don't skip the warm-up! We take group members and private client through long, comprehensive warm-ups. This will reduce any risk of injury, address mobility issues and reemphasize the importance of perfect form and range of motion.

Prepare To Be Sore

After the first few workouts back, the likelihood of feeling “DOMS” (delayed-onset muscle soreness) is much higher. Everyone feels like a beginner again when starting over with their soreness from getting back to higher intensity and longer workout sessions.  But with consistent attendance, your body will adapt once again and be able to handle more and more!

Consider starting with short 30 minute private training sessions if you’re getting back into your workout routine (or starting one for the very first time!). It will be much more manageable to go for a shorter duration and having the added accountability of a coach waiting just for you is the push you may need!

Our goal as coaches at FirePower is to keep you safe, healthy and help you become the fittest and healthiest version you can possibly be!!

Start Slow

We understand the excitement of getting back together with your friends and the surge of motivation that comes with getting a good sweat on. However, it is in your best interest to reintroduce these workouts slowly!  Even if you feel you’ve stayed pretty consistent with at-home workouts or fitness in your garage, the intensity and volume of group classes is just different.

Instead of heading into your first few sessions at 100%, then getting extremely sore and missing a few days or worse, injured and missing a few weeks…start out gradually at 70% speed and effort with weights that feel relatively easy.  Then, advance to a more moderate-feeling workout at 80% and continue to slowly ramp back up!

Most importantly, just listen to your coaches.

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