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Red Level Controlled

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

I'm sure most of you are aware that on Friday our Provincial government placed our region in a "Red Level (controlled)" for COVID safety starting tomorrow. Our knee-jerk reaction was likely the same you thinking, 'here we go again'. However, we've spent the entire weekend scouring public health details, confirming with our local gym owner colleagues, our staff and our own values of safety for our membership. Each time the answer points to the same thing.


As it turns out, we have been operating at Red Level safety standards since we moved indoors in September. While it's been slightly taxing at times, limiting operations and your freedom, it IS working and allows us to still remain open during these times without any major changes.

Here's what is already happening:
  • Classes are capped at 10 in main gym; 6 in front gym; 7 adults or 8 kids in FPK gym.  Well within the guidelines & safe spacing.
  • Classes are 50 min.  No one should be in the facility longer than 60-65 min total.
  • Everyone is pre-registered for a class. 
  • Youth / Varsity / Specialty classes are already operating in cohorts. 
  • Most adult group class members stick to the same timeslots regularly. 
  • There's no access to the gym for walk-ins and no drop-ins are being accepted from out of town or other facilities. 

Here's what we are asking from you:
  • Continue to follow the rules including pre-screening. DO NOT COME IF YOU DON'T MEET THE HEALTH GUIDELINES!!
  • Continue with masks on at all times until you are settled in your workout square, ready to start. 
  • Be courteous to others and don't cut through their square to exchange equipment without your mask on.
  • Sign up for ONE class each day - not playing the 'take-one-spot-but-also-join-a-waitlist-incase-your-first-choice-comes-available".  Pick one class & stick to it.  If you are having trouble, contact Yvonne or Tonya.
  • To enhance adult cohorts during these times, we are asking you to stick to the same 1-2 hour window each day as often as possible.  This will tighten up your workout cohorts.  Exception will apply to 911/shift workers. 

Here's what else we are doing:
  • We brought in a professional company to do an entire facility-wide disinfectant spray - the same preventative product used by the TTC and GO trains/busses.  
  • Chlorine-dioxide spraying ~12-15x daily on equipment; fogging weekly. 
  • We paid for a safety consultant last week to assess & review ALL FirePower practices, protocols, products, and operations to ensure we are EXCEEDING requirements.  We passed with flying colours and only minor adjustments to make to the fast-changing Public Health guidelines. 
  • We've opened some Open Gym timeslots weekday early mornings & mid-afternoons to allow you to train with extra space around you. Please note these are not coached classes.  You can pick a wod you missed or make up your own with any equipment not being used by the classes.  Please use all safety rules during these times as usual: masks, distancing, disinfecting, etc.   

As a whole, we are pretty darn proud of you all in our community. If you every have questions, please ask a staff member. Your safety and that of our staff is our absolute number one priority. We are praying we will avoid a full lockdown again, but prepared if needed.

In health,

Andrea, George & Team FirePower Staff

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