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Open Letter To My Staff

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Friday night we were given a tip of the hat to our progress. “Business of the Year” for medium sized businesses in our town through the Milton Chamber of Commerce.

For the past few months we've had our heads buried in the day-to-day of schedules, meetings, new programs, the CrossFit Games, cleaning, fixing equipment, hosting events, and more. It's been a blur. As a team, we have endured much this past year. And through it all we've persevered, held our heads high during times of crisis, kept our path and walked together.

The acknowledgment of our nomination was far more that we thought possible coming out of last year, especially considering the deserving companies we serve alongside in Milton. Many of them our friends and clients, including the prestigious and accomplished Amy Flowers Team who we know and respect so well.

In the hours leading up to the dinner & awards ceremony, during an unusually hectic day I had a realization. That our purpose is as a team is simply to take care of those around us. That is consistent with our focus on family, and why our members become like our second family. By being mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically available to those who need at the most important times they need us.

Our purpose is simply to take care of those around us.

Our award is not a reflection of how much we own, or how much the business has grown financially. It's a reflection of how many of you are on our team now, working toward the same goal every day. To put aside chasing the millions of $, and continue to use what we've created to help those who come through our doors and those who may never be able to.

I am personally the emergency contact for a number of our friends' & members children at their schools, for friends nearing baby-delivery if their husbands work out of town, and ready to jump when a text arrives. People often ask "how do you do it?" or that seems a bit much. It's simple - my purpose is to take care of those around me.

All 24 of you are part of this team because you share this vision. Therefore, George and I are honoured to share this award with you.


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