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Member Stories: Neda Mohammad

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Last October Neda walked through our doors seeking a new partner in for her fitness. Coach Shane recalls, "When Neda originally came to the gym she was a little quiet and shy, but after a short few months she integrated into the community and you can see her confidence growing with every class she takes. During COVID shutdown, she continued her journey remotely at home with me. Even working a full time job she saw an amazing transformation! Neda loves her daily workouts, it’s a great stress reliever for her and is always up for a good challenge."

Here is Neda's story in her own words:

"Over the past few years I was looking for a new routine and to make some changes for my health. I tried many different gyms, and countless “lifestyle” changes. I had gotten to the point I was uncomfortable in my own skin, so no matter where I was or who I was with I felt like people were looking at me and judging me on how I looked.  I thoughtCrossFit might be something fun to try, it looks difficult and badass. I looked up the closest gym and stumbled onto FirePower’s website. I signed up for my intro with Coach Shane, and about 5 mins into my meeting with him, watching people workout and learning about the gym I was sold.


I was very nervous for my first class, I’m very shy when meeting new people and also looking like an idiot but everyone was very welcoming, helpful and made me feel so comfortable. That first sweaty post workout high had me immediately addicted.


I met with Jen, one of the nutrition coaches to learn if all the research I had done about how I would eat and train had be on the right track, and with some guidance from her I was on my way, for the first time I didn’t feel like I needed to cut a food group and things seemed doable.


I’ve been working with coach Shane since we’ve been home, and even though I miss everyone at FirePower I’ve been enjoying doing my workouts at home. They’re different everyday and have kept me interested and motivated. Having him to keep me accountable and encouraging me on tougher days has been great!


I’ve noticed a change in my overall attitude about both food and fitness. I’m not scared of “cheat” meals or anyone kind of food. I’ve been able to lose the weight while also being able to eat pizza guilt free. I am now more impressed with what my body can do instead of how I look, that mind set change has been a great motivator. I’m more positive and happier now than I was 8 months ago before I started. It’s been a very freeing experience and I have my FirePower family to thank for that!"

Atta Girl Neda!! You inspire us with your enthusiasm and commitment - can't wait to see what this coming brings your way!

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