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Fitness Is Who I Am: Murray's Story

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

We are wonderfully excited to present the next in our series Fitness Is Who I Am.

Murray came to FirePower in the fall of 2014. With his constant pursuit of technique perfection and a confident understanding of his physical capabilities and age-related limitations, Murray embraced CrossFit training and all it offered.  

Competing once again in the CrossFit Open for the 5th time, this year in the 60+ category, Murray is ranked top 50 in Canada! We are beyond proud of his accomplishments inside the gym, but more inspired by his pursuit of humanity outside the gym and across the globe.

Here is his story...

"Cindy and I try to live in a manner that makes the world a better place. Our faith calls us to live generously, to care for the marginalized and disadvantaged of our world and to help empower those with little or no access to the wonders of creation and the blessings of life. Currently I lead four ‘Not for Profit’ Charities that send Canadians to many countries around the world providing hope through education, shelter, food, clean water and spiritual life.

The physical demands of the travel required is quite daunting and I am away from home nearly half the year. I often arrive half way round the world and have to engage immediately in work and relationships. Healthy living that includes a good diet and plenty of exercise are essential to keeping me well, alert, kind, optimistic and friendly. I am thankful that I am seldom sick despite all the strange things I eat, the unusual places I sleep and the really difficult environments that I find myself visiting.

When I joined FirePower just over 5 years ago, I was looking for an exercise method that would push me further than I would take myself and keep me accountable. The encouragement and instruction of the coaches is invaluable to ensuring that my efforts result in real change.

I actually came to FirePower to enroll my son and give him a Christmas present. As it turns out, I was the one who got hooked. The competitive nature of CrossFit was perfect for my personality as I like to measure what I am doing and look for improvement.  I love doing the Open each year and competing against other 60+ age mates. I now take WODs with me when I travel so that I can keep the heart working and avoid injury when I do get back home.

I am also thankful that I can keep up with my grandsons. I want to stay healthy and active so that I can enjoy playing sports with them. A few years ago, my son and I climbed Mount Kenya, which is over 16,000 feet. Staying fit was essential for the hiking days were long and the lack of oxygen at altitude was prohibitive. All those burpees, box jumps and 400 meter runs made climbing not only possible, but enjoyable. Mount Kilimanjaro at over 19,000 feet is next on the list.

This year I am determined to get my weight back to a more manageable level so I joined the 12 Week Transformation led by Ryan and to date I have dropped nine pounds and reduced the amount of fat I was carrying around with me every day. So let me give a big thank you to the team at FirePower for helping to make my life healthier and more enjoyable."

Murray Cornelius

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