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Fitness Is Who I Am: Maria's Story

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

This one is close to our hearts…  Maria joined FirePower 8 years ago when she was 16 years old, way before we had a varsity program.  With the soul of a lamb but the heart of a lion, she soon became everyone’s favourite “Little Maria”.  


Her defining moment in our eyes was her first CrossFit Games Open WOD with the 14lb wall balls.  Defining moments are the ones that shape your character and prove who you really are as a person.   Despite her best effort and the cheers of the immense crowd, Little Maria couldn’t throw the ball past 7ft and the target was 9ft.  Her determination and commitment was a coaching moment I will never ever forget.  She tried for 12 long minutes with all her might and heart.  The honour was mine to be her judge that night.  


I knew Maria was someone special back then.  She eventually earned her way on staff as a front desk assistant and social media support.  From there, the little lion was committed to learning more, earned her L1 and more. She now leads the next generation of young CrossFitters as a coach for both FPK and FP Varsity athletes.  


Here is her journey in her own words.



"My definition of fitness has evolved throughout the years. Before FirePower, fitness was something I convinced myself I had to do to stay in shape. I ran endless miles, never with a particular goal in mind, just checking off another box in my day. 


Stumbling into FirePower on a whim, I expected to find a place to work on my fitness.Instead, I found a community of individuals that connected through fitness, working together to achieve their goals and actually enjoying it along the way.

It caused an enormous shift in how I perceived my body, and through fitness, I developed a genuine appreciation for all its physical and mental abilities.Fitness was no longer about how many calories I burned, but rather how I felt after working out, achieving new skills, and fuelling my body with the right foods. 


7years later, the community that taught me to redefine fitness also helped me grow as a person. Through a love of fitness, I was able to nurture new and old relationships and find my purpose through coaching the next wave of athletes.In this way I am able to pay forward what was given to me: a desire to be better, by doing better. 


While my fitness routine changes with the seasons, one thing does not change, and that is my view of fitness as a central part of my daily life. Fitness gives me energy, helps me stay healthy, and connects me to the most amazing community of individuals!"

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