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Fitness Is Who I Am

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

It’s 6am and -38C outside and your alarm goes off.  Your class at the gym starts in 30 minutes so you hit snooze and fall out of bed.  Or maybe you’ve had a long day at work and there’s a nice bottle of red is waiting for you at home.   Yet off to the gym you go.   Whatever your reason, burpees and barbells aren’t why you go (neither is Geo’s soft 80’s playlist but that’s another story).


Fitness isn’t something you do; it’s who you are.  It’s the lens of of how you see yourself in the world.  For some it’s your lifeline to keep your sanity while for others it’s a health necessity to keep you alive.


People don’t come to the gym looking for fitness. They come seeking a better life OUTSIDE the gym; a strengthened relationship with their spouse; a more active life with their kids; a sense of accomplishment; to make them a better manager at work; or to keep stress levels down.  


To an outsider, Fitness can be


Scary – I don’t even know where to start anymore.

Difficult – it hurts. My body doesn’t move like it used to.

Frustrating – I just want to quit and go home.

Emotional – how did I let myself get this way?

Embarrassing – everyone is looking at me.



But what if, Fitness was actually:


Energizing - what if you felt alive again?.

Empowering - what if you grew in self esteem & confidence?

Achievement - what if you became a stronger version of you?

Fun - what if you laughed with people around you?


Over the next year, we will be showcasing various people in our community that have made fitness part of their everyday lives.  None of them are professional athletes.  None of them are paid to show up everyday.  But all of them USE their fitness in everyday lives inside and out of the gym.  Their stories are inspiring and uplifting.  We hope you see yourself in one of them along the way – because they were once outsiders too.  



Please enjoy our 2019 kick-off story: Andrea Kiffman

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