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Fit Over 40 & Starting Over? Yes We Can!

Andrea Savard
April 14, 2023
5 min read

Our fitness journey has it's ups and downs, especially after our 30's. Whether its work, family or life that gets in the way of a routine, sometimes health has taken a back seat. It's time we change that to ensure you have a strong "second half". Some people use program this as a stepping stone to get back into regular classes, while other use it as their main fitness outlet. Whatever your path, we can help!

"Fit Over 40 & Starting Over" was introduced in 2020 after the pandemic to help people find a safe way back to fitness and strength building.  With a smaller coach:athlete ratio vs regular group training, clients see an increased focus of coaching time, more emphasis on mobility, strength development and a fat-burner workout with each session.

Join this small group series in 4 week blocks.

  • Daytimes: Mon / Wed / Fri, 11:30am
  • Evenings: Mon / Tues / Thurs, 7:30pm

It has been a while since I have been into my fitness journey. Working out with the Fit Over 40 program has taken me to the next level with its varied routines and positive energy. The program kept me motivated, energetic and ready to keep coming back. Over the 4 weeks I have seen improvements in my outlook and strength. I suggest this program to anyone looking to reach new heights and get back into fitness. Sharon Johnston, 55+

Cost is $209 + HST for 4 weeks.

Use the link below to register or email us for more details!

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