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Families Who Play Together....

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

3719.  That’s how many days of FirePower sinceDay 1. That’s almost four thousand days of cool gym happenings, recollections,and memories.  But sometimes,random moments stick in my brain like it was yesterday. One moment that hasstuck with me for years is Shane Lloyd’s first Open workout in 2011, back atthe old location.

Shanewas new to the community, shy, and yet quietly determined.  His heat was the final one of theevening. People had been filtering out already after a long night of cheering.  From the remaining spectators, mostwere focused on another athlete whom they all knew and their cheers wereloud!  Shane was solo except forhis judge. The only person cheering for him at that moment from her chair onthe sidelines was his wife, Julia. I can still feel the emotions of watching him complete this workoutwhile no one hardly even noticed.  Ipulled myself away from the other athlete – oddly I can’t even remember whothat other person was, yet Shane’s off-white board shorts, beige t-shirt andglasses are still crystal clear in my mind.  One by one, a few members came over to help cheer for thequiet new guy, whispering to each other, “what’s this guy’s name again?”

Wedon’t ask that question anymore. Coach Shane we call him now.  He committed himself to consistentdevelopment, earning him a spot at the top of the gym’s roster of CrossFitters,and of course, as a well-respected member of the RCFP coaching staff.  Each year, I watch Shane perform onFriday nights and remember in my mind how far he’s come since that first Open2011.  Each year Julia is at hisside cheering and encouraging him with every rep.  And each year I quietly envision how my article for our website will convey my emotions for them and his personal development over theyears; yet each year I protect that memory. 


Tonightwe witnessed a moment of awe that will be my next multi-year memory. One ofpure grit, will-power, slight shyness, but with a lion’s heart ofdetermination.  Tonight the entiregym was screaming and cheering for one person who was the last one standing onthe floor – not because of being last place, but for being the only one whomade it past the thresholds, earning the right to keep going.  The same person who has been on thesidelines for years, cheering for her husband with every workout.  Tonight was Julia’s turn to shine. 

Ifyou were lucky enough to witness it, the vibe was electric! Time on the clockwas ticking towards the 24 minute cap and she went to work.   Her pursed lips and ¼ smile whenthe snatch went up was enough for us all to know the quiet pride she felt.  With ~ 15 seconds to spare, shecompleted her last rep, fist pumped the air and fell in to the arms of herjudge, her husband Shane.

Seeingthis moment brings my 2011 memory of him full circle. Watching Shane &Julia grow together as athletes, and moreso as husband and wife is why wecreated this place.  You may oftenhear us say the phrase ‘Families Who Play Together Stay Together”. FirePower isa place that strengthens bodies, minds and also relationships.  I hope all families get to experience amoment like this one day. 

And Ihope I’m there to witness it too.

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