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Fall Program Details

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

Welcome to Fall 2020 for current members, returning members, and new members! We are honoured you have chosen FirePower to support your journey of health and fitness during these times and beyond. While this fall is much different than the past 15 years we've been opened, you have our word we will do our best to make the service you receive during these times the most personal, professional, and supportive that we can!

Here are the training options we have this fall:

Group Classes

  • Choose between "Full" (23 classes/month) memberships, "Limited" (8 classes/month), or 10-passes.
  • Memberships can be used for FirePower WOD's (CF class), FP Inferno (alternate WOD), Boxing, Striking, and Open Gym.
  • Due to limited capacity, please attend one group class per day. Anything beyond one per day will limit your class access over the month. Note additional classes will need to be purchased with a 10-pass if you exceed your 8 or 23 each month.
  • Classes can be reserved up to 3 days in advance through our web site or look for the Pike13 app. Ask a coach or admin team member for details.
  • You can remove yourself from a reserved class up to 8 hours in advance without penalty.
  • No shows or late cancelations will result in a loss of that class. Apologies for being sticklers, but we need to ensure ALL members have fair and equal access to classes.
  • All active members will have access to our FirePower SugarWod workouts. If you don't have access, you may need to reactivate your membership. FP Wod's are released at 9:00pm each evening for the next day - still ample time to change your reservation for 5:30am if needed
  • Book a complimentary "No Sweat Intro" to meet 1:1 with a coach and learn more!

Fit Over 40 & Starting Over

Our fitness needs change as we age - this small group program aims to help you begin a fitness regime in a safe and structured way under the guidance of an experienced coach. If you are looking to start or restart your fitness, join the Fit Over 40 Specialty Class. With a strong focus on mobility, modified movements, and progressive strength gains, you will enjoy the balance of targeted core work and progressive intensity. This group meets 3x per week for 4 weeks on Mon/Wed/Fri with Coach Ashley. Choose a morning or evening series. Sign Up for a spot here!

Remote Programming

  • For those athletes still looking to train at home with the guidance from a coach, this is your answer! Our FirePower Flex program offers you a choice of how often you would like to workout depending on what other elements you are including in your week.
  • Coaches will create customized workouts that are personalized for your health and fitness goals, as well as your access to equipment & space.
  • All are then delivered by a special coaching software/app to you each week!
  • Choose from FP Basic (2 workouts/week; FP Core (3 workouts/week) and FP Plus (4-5 workouts per week).
  • An alternative option is to pair Remote Programming with a weekly/bi-weekly in-person personal training session or a few group classes each month to keep the intensity of your workouts.
  • Email us to get started with Remote Programming


Nutrition is the foundation of our health. If you are looking to improve your fitness in 2020 and beyond, start by incorporating nutrition focus into your regime, no matter how small. Our nutrition coaching team are experienced, educated and passionate about YOUR health. Book a complimentary Intro to Nutrition today!

"Maria is an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to Nutrition. I have been to many gyms and have tried quite a few things. This was completely different and in the BEST way.  Not only does Maria get you to feel positive the whole time but she listens to your wants, needs and bad habits. She helps you recognize your patterns and bad choices with the best intentions. Maria listens and recognizes that every human is different and nobody has the same eating habits. My overall experience with her was SUPER positive and I have a whole new view into my eating and food choices ! I would highly recommend doing the FirePower Nutrition Coaching Program!!"

Have a look at our new LOWER pricing for nutrition coaching:

Private Training:

Keep your training group SMALL, your programming personalized and your schedule flexible. Private training can be done 1:1 with a coach or bring a friend and work together. Training sessions are available in 30-60 minute sessions with a variety of coaches and specializations.

For current members looking to add PT to their group training, contact a coach or any member of the admin team.

For new or returning members, Book a complimentary No Sweat Intro to meet with a coach, discuss your goals and get a plan!

Youth Fitness & Training:

For any questions or clarifications about the Youth Fitness & Training program, please email

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