CrossFit Games - What you need to know

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

A Celebration of Fitness. We all play for Team FirePower!

Mark Your Calendars for the next 3 Fridays!! CrossFit Games season kicks off with the CrossFit Open, a three-week international competition where anyone — regardless of fitness level or ability — can compete in the biggest fitness competition in history. Join Team FirePower for the Open on February 24


The CF Open is a weekly workout that participants perform during class or on Friday nights with the guidance of a qualified judge from Team FirePower. Each week, the surprise workouts are announced on Thursday and participants have until Monday 8pm EST to enter your score online.

FirePower members participate as a show of support for our athletes who are chasing a top spot in Canada, while others participate simply to honour our Sport of Fitness.

There is magic that happens during the Open. Sometime to you, sometimes to a FirePower teammate. It's indescribable how it feels and how much it can carry your excitement to your own training and to your entire health and fitness.

Each week at 12PM PST / 3pm EST, CrossFit HQ will announce what the workout will be for the week. They will each be named for the Year.Week. I.e. This year is 2022 therefore week 1 will be called "22.1". Week 2 will be 22.2 and the final week will be 22.3. You may hear references to previous years workouts such as "18.4" or "19.5". Know if a workout is a memorable one, it was likely a doozy!

The Games has multiple divisions for athletes of all skills. Choose your path (Rx’d, scaled, foundations, or adaptive). Rx means high performance, high skill. Scaled means less advanced but working to get there, Foundations means brand new to CrossFit or fitness, and Adaptive means a broader form of change is needed due to physical impairment.

Whatever division you are in, get ready to move, improve, and make memories on Feb. 24. Signing up for the Open could be your first step toward better health or one more step on a well-worn path to fitness and peak performance.


Participation costs $20. Simply go to to sign up.

Make sure to join affiliate FIREPOWER CROSSFIT to have your account connected to ours.


Over the past many years, FirePower has held the reign of the largest participating CrossFit Games Open Affiliate in Canada. Will you help us regain this title? No matter your skill level, sign up! Get your wod classmates to sign up! The most important piece is that we all play for Team FirePower!


Each week following the CFHQ announcement at 3pm, FirePower will have COACH vs ATHLETE go head to head, doing the workout that was just announced! We will broadcast this live on our social media for you all to see!

  • Week 1: Coach Annie & Deana
  • Week 2: Coach Jordan & Rebecca
  • Week 3: Coach Shane & Geoff

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Each Friday, every class of the day will be performing the Open workout announced the day before. Classes will run as usual with the coach coordinating judges for all participants. Members are still welcome and encouraged to workout that day, even if they aren't officially participating (although we suggest you do!!)

The last class of the day will be 4:30pm for the 3 weeks of the Open. Then the fun begins.......

Each Friday of the Open we transform the gym into "Friday Night Lights!" We set heat times for as many FP members to come and perform the workout with a judge. ALL LEVELS of skills are encouraged to come to FNL over a class time. However if you have already completed your workout in a class time slot, please come back and cheer the rest of the members on for the evening!

We will have a LIVE DJ each week pumping out the hottest beats, its BYOB for all adults, and the best 2 hours of the week!

On the final week for 22.3, we celebrate with a BBQ dinner. Families are welcome. You can register for the BBQ the week before so we can coordinate numbers. Cost is approx $10pp.


No matter your current fitness level, or how many times your signed up for the Open over the years, let's work together to bring the magic back to the training floor. We need you; our community needs you.

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