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A Workplace Confession

Andrea Savard
February 9, 2023
5 min read

I have a confession to make.    I say“I love you” at work, a lot…to my staff and coworkers.   Is that weird?  


I personally don’t think so; to me it’s just normal.  It’s not every day, like I tell my husband, but it’s enough that my staff know they are important and how much I care about them.  


We also hug, a lot. Like when they’re going on vacation – I know they deserve it; then when they return a week later and I’ve truly missed them and they get another one; or something exciting happens in their lives; or something sad is happening around them.  We hug, with sincerity.


Years ago when I worked downtown Toronto, I sure didn’t hug my bosses or jump up with a smile when a colleague came back from vacation.  That would be weird.   Entrepreneurship has changed me.  I don’t think I would survive in a workplace anymore where this isn’t part of the culture.  I’d bet my career on it.  


The fitness industry is well known for high turnover in trainers. Here’s a recent article that give some insight from one of the most well-known high-end globo gyms in the US.   How can you build deep relationships when you only work together for 6 months or a year? FirePower has taken a different path.  Our coaching team and admin team have bee npart of our community for what feels like eons. The shortest tenure is 5 years (Ryan) and the longest is 14 years(Joyce).  This is why I love them.


This also means they know you, our members extremely well.  They know your history, your family, your successes and your challenges.   It also means when new clients join our FirePower community, they are coming into an environment of deep experience, long term commitment and most importantly, love.  You can be confident you’ll see the same faces for many moons to come.


We don’t hug on the first date, but if you are new to the community, give us some time and you’ll feel it soon enough! To the rest of my staff and our members, if I haven’t told you yet this week, I love you!


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