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Kelly Taylor

Spring 2018

I’ve tried every single weight loss diet and fad -  like I mean everything. I’m always super motivated for the first few days and then it all falls apart for one of several reasons.  Not enough food, way too restrictive, awful side effects and no accountability. So I finally decided to make a change. I decided to meet with Dave to see if I could finally do this weight loss thing the right way.  

Dave made me feel like it was totally possible to reach my goals, all while eating properly, not being totally restrictive and having the occasional cheat (wine) here  and there.  He helped to create a meal plan that worked for me and my lifestyle. The recipes he gave me are amazing and my whole family is enjoying them.  What I like most is the in person accountability.  

We decided it would be best for  Dave and I to meet weekly to see how I was meeting my goals.  So far so good - I have lost body fat and gained muscle in just two weeks!!!  Having a coach to meet with in person is exactly what I need. Our weekly meetings keep me motivated.  

Dave checks in with me regularly as well and answers any questions I have.  I’m more than two weeks in and I’m still super motivated. I’ve already started to unlearn some bad habits, I’m enjoying my meals and I feel very committed to my new lifestyle.