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Shawn Smith


At the end of March, my wife and Alicia and I were up for a change. As 6 year members at Reebok CrossFit FirePower, we recognized we needed a change to significantly improve our quality of life.   We heard great feedback about Karen and the success of the nutrition program so we thought we would venture together and give it a try.

Although we had different goals (myself trying to increase strength and some mass, and Alicia looking to build lean muscle), we were excited to see what our new habits would bring us. 

Karen met us together and carefully carved out specific individual plans to help us achieve our goals. Alicia is the primary cook in the family, so having similar meals while on different plans would be essential. Another challenge is that we each have different workout regimens. Karen recognized this and appropriately designed our meals and made adjustments when necessary.

Within a week, we noticed the increase in energy levels, feeling less bloated and a gradual improvement in our self-confidence.  All of this was made possible by Karen and her resources to ensure we were held accountable through weekly meetings, meal tracking, regular Q&A, measurements and before/after photos. 

Being very green to a new lifestyle was very daunting at first but Karen put us at ease with her relaxed approach and accessibility should we have any questions with any aspect throughout our 5 weeks with her.   She is truly a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She is empathetic to her clients, their needs and their goals and she “walks the walk” with you. Her enthusiasm to help us succeed and her willingness to share her knowledge and resources was invaluable. We look forward to continuing along a healthier path and are truly embracing this lifestyle change and all the benefits we experienced in such a short amount of time.

Within five weeks of being on the program, here’s my experience:

·        Felt my energy increase

·        Felt less bloated

·        Increased in weight and inches

·        Improved my strength (3 personal bests within a 4 week period)

Alicia’s experience on the program was also very successful and she recognized benefits well beyond her original goal:

·         Sleep patterns improved

·         Headaches and migraines diminished

·         Lost weight and inches

·         Water consumption improved

·         Energy levels increased

·         More time preparing and eating meals together as a family

·         Setting a better example for our son while creating simple, delicious and healthy meal options

·         Feeling comfortable in her own skin and becoming physically confident again


“I cannot adequately put into words how happy I am being me, again.  It’s been a long time since I felt this good, positive and excited.  I didn’t know how poor I allowed my state of “normal” to become until I felt the difference!”  Alicia

We strongly recommend RCFP’s nutrition program to anyone who feels they need a change and are looking to get stronger, fitter and overall lead a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you Karen for all of your time and your work.

Shawn Smith, Member

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Shawn Smith