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We don’t expect you to fall in love with us before the first date.  At least let us give you a sweaty hug first!  To get started with CrossFit, Boxing, Varsity, or personal training, we invite you to come in for a complimentary session with a coach. You’ll get to see the facility, learn why it's different, meet some fellow members and coaches and see if this environment is right for you. The coach can also help guide you into the right program based on your current fitness and your health goals.  Try a sample workout, learn about membership options and how to get started right away!

To begin with, we need a little info about you to help us. Please click the button below and answer a few brief questions. You will then be guided to choose the program and a time slot that best fits your schedule. One complimentary visit per person. If you would like to try a different program, a small fee will apply.

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Give Us 90 Days To Show You Our Stuff!

When you come to FirePower, our job is to make you fall in love with our coaching, our classes and our FirePower community. Many people are seeking group classes, however some people prefer the accountability and custom program development of personal training. Our goal is simple: to teach you proper form and technique of CrossFit movements; to ensure your safety; and to let you try a variety of class types before you make a decision on which membership path is right for you. 

CrossFit Foundations Will Start You On The Right Path!

If you are a group kind of person, FirePower 90 is your best place to start! Your 90 day membership kicks off with our CrossFit Foundations Course. This is a series of private or semi-private beginner sessions where you’ll learn how to lift, squat, climb, throw, jump, row and more! Each session is progressive and challenging including a new skill focus and workout each time. In addition, you’ll learn the philosophy behind the CrossFit program, why it works so well and nutrition strategies we use to get incredible results. 

If you’re new to working out or it’s been a while, you’ll feel confident with the pace and modifications we can do with each exercise. However if you’re already active, our coaches can fine-tune your movement for accuracy and tailor the workouts to ensure you are being challenged.

Once these sessions are completed, you have access to as many classes as you like. Try them all: CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD), Ignite, boxing, and yoga. At the end of your 90 days, you will have a clear plan of which program and membership option is right for you! No need to decide until then.

Your FirePower 90-Day Membership Includes:

  • CrossFit Foundations course with 5 personal CrossFit sessions
  • 2 InBody scans - first week and 12th week. See measurable improvements in your strength!
  • Unlimited access to all classes for 90 days.
  • FirePower workout tracking journal or access to mobile app
  • Complimentary physical assessment from Physiomed Milton (located inside RCFP)
  • Functional movement screen (optional) to identify exercises you need to focus on
  • Optional - add nutrition coaching to your FP90 for maximum results!

Cost is $199 - $275 / month for 3 months

To get started,  We help match you with a coach and book your first session. From there, you and the coach will co-ordinate your schedules for the remaining sessions. There are lots of time slots to choose: early mornings, mid-day and evenings.

Hear from other members’ experience:

“I was impressed at how important proper form is for our safety.  It was an awesome course and really prepared me for the WOD’s.” - Kristi O’Neill
“I didn’t quite understand why I needed it in the beginning. But it’s a must! There is a lot of techniques in the lifts that needs to be gone though thoroughly and a newbie doesn’t realize this until after the first class.  I’m glad I took it!.” - Bob Stell
“I didn’t think I needed it, but it was TOTALLY worth it!  I definitely see the value of CrossFit more after the Foundations.” - Laurie Day

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