You can’t out-train a bad diet.

This is the fitness pyramid. As you can see, nutrition is the foundation of your fitness and health. The rest of your fitness progress is built on the strength of your foundation.

Nutrition Coaching is designed to provide you with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple behaviour-modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting.”

Team FirePower's Nutrition Coaching Program can support athletes of all levels and dietary needs with meal planning and nutritional guidance. Through our partnership with Healthy Steps Nutrition, owned by Registered Dietitian Nicole Marchand-Aucoin, we provide you with a nutrition program that has proven success and can be tailored to the level of accountability you feel you need.  There are many programs that will tell you what not to eat and/or replace food with supplements. This is a teaching program that will help you understand what you CAN eat and how to achieve your goals, one step at a time! Learn how to implement nutrition in all aspects of your life, either on the road, eating out with friends, or around your workouts.


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Intro to
 15 minute 1:1 overview

Learn about the benefits of adding nutrition changes to your fitness training

 Let us help craft the best plan for you

 Determine where, when & how to get started

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Looking for a blueprint to follow on your own but need somewhere to start? This is a great option!

Generic meal plan with balanced eating recipes. This is a gender-specific plan that balances Protein / Carbs / Healthy Fats.

 1 InBody Biometric Scan

 Printed information packet 

Email our nutrition team today to get your plan and schedule a time for your Inbody Scan.

60 minute 1:1 kick-off!

Goal setting based personal short term + long term goals.

4 week CUSTOM meal plan and/or macro targets provided

Printed information packet

 Weekly check-ins

 Food tracking & review

 Monthly InBody Scan 

* 3 month commitment.

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 Continue your success by staying accountable to your coach and yourself

 Check-in schedule based on your personal needs to be successful.

Monthly InBody scan

Food tracking & review

Consistent accountability

Unlimited e-mail access to your FP Nutrition Coach

Available after completion of FP Nutrition Foundations.

Speak to your nutrition coach to sign up and cost details based on your individual needs.
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