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FirePower Kids

The FirePower CrossFit Kids program uses randomized, functional exercises, performed at high intensity. Daily themed workouts include skills challenges, and obstacle courses where they will push, pull, run, throw, lift, climb and jump. Kids gain improved fitness, coordination, confidence in even our most awkward children.

Why CrossFit Kids?

  • We are shaping     lives, not changing lives     If you modify a kids’s trajectory in their life direction by adding in     even a small % of fitness into their life at a young age, you have the     opportunity to define a life long love of fitness.
  • We focus on health     A combination of eating right, staying active and being confident to make     wise choices outside the gym walls i.e. at school.
  • We are creating a     community of like minded kids      Where it’s cool to talk about protein and eating real food. Where its     normal to go fast and hard. Children that are around a CrossFit gym, their     normalcy are watching the adults work out with high intensity. To our     kids, Fran is normal. We are completely changing what is normal for kids.
  • We are honing life     skills     We are teaching them how to work hard, how to fail, how to practice, and     feel success. If you do CF correctly, you will hit the wall and fail at     some points in your workouts i.e. missed lift, 1 lost rep, etc. We are     teaching our kids how to fail and learn from it. We lead by example.
  • We have the ability     to change their perceptions of themselves      They are not judged on their looks or what they wear. In our gyms, no girl     is being made fun of for being overweight if she can out-lift a guy. No     boy is being made fun of if they have different shoes. They are defined on     what they can do not what they see.


Here’s What You Get!

CrossFit Kids Prescription  Mixing Fun with Fitness. It is imperative that we pair fitness with fun. The CFK program is based on CrossFit’s philosophy of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.

Quality of Movement  We are movement trainers; we are fitness safety sergeants. We are qualified, certified adults, and parents ourselves.

Variety of Exercises  We expose kids to a variety of physical elements and see where they excel. See a variety of CrossFit Kids movements and terms here.

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