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FirePower Boxing

Come feel the heat of FirePower Boxing’s vigorous boxing workout.  It’s a safe, effective and fun form of exercise suitable for all ages and ability.  One class and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.   You will find real heavy bags, real equipment, real boxers, real people, real training.  This is the same training our amateur and professional boxers use to prepare for a fight.  Classes are taught by certified, experienced boxing coaches.

Here’s what FirePower Boxing offers:

  • Variety. It’s challenging and motivating
  • You train like a boxer in everything but full contact sparring
  • The workouts maximize calorie burn to increase lean muscle mass
  • Total body fitness – strength and toning for upper body, lower body and abs!
  • Both male and female instructors

Membership options are available for group classes (12x / month) or 1:1 individual sessions. Crank up your skills with small-group training to incorporate cool tools and training tactics.

To get started in group classes, book a complimentary introductory session with a coach. Learn how to wrap your hands, punch and stance basics, how to hit hand pads, and talk with the coach on what the best training path is for you. To get started with a coach for 1:1 individual training, email us to be matched with a coach!

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