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Thank You RCFP Community!

Written by on May 19, 2014 in Better Health with 7 Comments

~Written by Coach Daniel (Paleo) Sonsini~

Another Regionals has passed. Seven events over three days competing with the 30 best teams in Canada East. This is always an exciting time of year. Everything is escalated…bigger, faster, heavier, adrenaline and just sheer determination. Tired, sore, excuses, etc don’t exist. You give it everything you have for three days, period.

This time around felt a little different though. Something else was with our team. Something else helped us fight back. Something else made us want to go a little harder, a little faster, and be a little better? IT WAS YOU! You were in our corner the entire three days. For that, all I can say on behalf of my teammates is THANK YOU!

I honestly don’t know how many text messages, emails and Facebook messages I received throughout this weekend. We had you following us on social media if you couldn’t make it one day. Some of you were out of province but were staying with our every WOD. Some of you even took a vacation day from work. I had my client and good friend Naveen just get out of surgery on Thursday night and text me first thing Friday morning to wish me good luck and every WOD and day after that.  You don’t realize how much that meant to us.

We had a hard first day. The WODs that we knew were going to hurt us did. A little more than we wanted. I went home that afternoon and opened facebook. I couldn’t believe how many of your status’ were in support of us. It was truly amazing!

The next day were our WODs. We knew this. After the first WOD on day 2 we crawled back to 5th place form 13th and just kept the momentum. Your encouragement just kept pushing us. We got to 4th place on day three and finally ended it with a 5th place finish overall.

We obviously wanted more. Top 2 was our goal going in. Thats CrossFit for you, one bad WOD and you are too far back. That didn’t stop our fire from burning though. The Games was out of the question this year after day one, but all of you made us want to make you proud.

When we walked out on that floor we heard it all. Everyone cheering and in our corner. You never gave up on us. We would look over and see our section growing with every WOD. We are all very competitive. We always want to win. You made us want to win for you. You made us not want to let you down. You made us better.

We were training for this weekend all year. Multiple WODs a day, countless team practices, countless sacrifices on behalf of everyone. You made every late night, early morning, sore muscle, injury, failed lift, and PR worth it. No message or blog can explain to all of you how grateful we truly are. You all make us want to be better athletes everyday and come back stronger.

Keep it loud, keep the fire lit and we will try are hardest each and every day to make you proud again next year.

It gives me goosebumps thinking back to this weekend…all of you in our corner…for that…once again…THANK YOU!

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7 Reader Comments

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  1. Mrs Aussie says:

    You all left everything you had out there on the competition floor, that’s all we could have asked of you! You all make me so proud to be a part of the Firepower family!!!

  2. Stew says:

    It was amazing to watch. Couldn’t be there but had the live feed. When I had to be out, I had the scoreboard constantly refreshing. Even just watching numbers flash up on my phone was exciting.
    My wife is in Switzerland and she was watching the feed and the scoreboard as well as texting me to find out what she couldn’t.
    Yes, we are fans and proud of you all.

  3. Aussie says:

    Champions. You guys were amazing. We love our gym, love our coaches and love our team.

  4. Natalie McAuliffe says:

    I know I’ve only been around a short while, but it’s as exciting for the spectators to watch you guys excel, as it is for you to give it all you’ve got. I am so happy you get some inspiration from the fans, as I get so inspired watching you guys train day in and day out. I am a very visual person, and when I see how hard you guys work, it makes me want to work as hard as I can. Your energy is contagious. Thanks for demanding the best of yourselves, as it makes me want to dig deep and try my hardest. You guys are true inspirations and true athletes. You are all first place in my books. Well done 🙂

  5. Greg B says:

    Paleo and the whole rest of the team, you all made us proud to point and cheer and say “those are my trainers and friends”. When you fall we are happy to pick you up and push you onwards as you do for us every day in the gym.
    Being out of town I was only able to be there Friday and watched the stream the other days. One thing I was impressed and proud of was also what was mentioned by the announcers on the stream several times. The team fought hard, but above else were a team in all aspects. Communication, strategy, teamwork were all used in favourable descriptions of the team which to me says this team will continue to rise from this year and will be a force in 2015 Sectionals.

  6. Bryan says:

    I was only there on Sunday, but it was awesome. There was no quit in you guys!! You continue to put RCFP on the map in a big, big way. Kudos gang!!

  7. Bailey says:

    What an inspiration to have been apart of this weekend. I sure it made us all what to push to get more reps in, or add more weight on the bar.
    So proud of our team and your accomplishments, though I am sure it’s dissapointing not to make it to the games this year you all did amazing and let 2015 be your year.
    Was a truly magical weekend and was grateful to have shared it with all of you 🙂

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