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How High Should You Swing a Kettlebell?

Written by on May 4, 2014 in CoachesCorner with 23 Comments

~Written by Daniel (Paleo) Sonsini~

I was wanting to write about this for some time now because the question always comes up but my KB mentor Shawn Mozen (owner of Agatsu) wrote a great blog on it that I’ll share.

I met Shawn at my Level 1 and 2 Agatsu KB Certification coach’s course. He is the one who certified me.  If you now anything about kettlebell’s you’ve heard of Agatsu and Shawn. Amazing coach, person, and he knows his s**t! Trained by the best.

We offer three KB classes a week at RCFP (Mondays @ 1:30pm; Tuesdays @ 7:30pm; Fridays @ 1:30pm). They are amazing classes and I love teaching them! If you haven’t tried it please do. You will love the workout you get from it. In these classes as well as in my masters classes we never do overhead aka American style swings. This movements takes away from what the swing is supposed to work and be about as the article will explain. CF has adapted the overhead swing strictly from a judging standpoint. It is easy to stand at the side of an athlete and see if the KB is directly overhead. If they bastardize the movement (which most do) it doesn’t matter, the judge is only looking for one thing, overhead or not? The functionality, safety, and efficiency is taken away from the swing when this happens. CF would be better suited to use KB snatches instead if they wanted an overhead KB movement.

The kettlebell is an amazing fitness tool when used properly. Don’t take away from a training tool that has been around for over 300 years.

If you would like to learn more about kettlebells, how to use them properly, use them to maximal efficiency, and see what amazing results they can get you send me an email and we can set some training sessions up! Daniel (Paleo) Sonsini

PS – I have a 30 day kettlebell swing challenge for anyone who is interested. Just post to comments.

~Read the article here~

russian KB swing pic

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23 Reader Comments

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  1. Bryan says:

    30 day KB challenge please.

  2. Lorelei says:

    I’m away in the north, but I would love to participate in the challenge! We got new KBS here

  3. Belgian beast says:

    I’m interested in the challenge

  4. Stew says:

    30 day kb challenge? Love to hear more.

  5. Tammy says:

    More info on kb challenge pls. Love your kb classes when I can make them

  6. jacinda says:

    Im interested! Love Shawn…wealth of knowledge.

  7. Aussie says:

    I’m interested. Buying a good bell from Rogers and want to learn how to use it properly.

  8. Daniel says:

    Love the interest! Ok, here is the kettlebell challenge:

    300 swings a day! Thats right. 300 swings per day x 30 days = 9000 russian kettlebell swings in 1 month!
    The weight for this challenge is 24kg/16kg OR 55#/35# OR multi/orange. Obviously scale down if you need too. You can also change it up from 2 hand to 1 arm swings.

    You look at 9000 swings and it seem daunting. Trust me, this is doable! Break them down, a set here and there, and spread them evenly throughout the day. Sets of 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 50 would work well. The point is to get breathing, feel it a little, but not destroy yourself. Do them as warm ups and cool downs.

    Since you all read the article you know that a russian swing is no higher than eye level. It can even be lower than that. Ensure you are drilling you feet in the floor, engaging your butt, snapping your hip, contracting your abs and butt hard at the top. Breathe hard out as you swing the bell up by making a ‘hiss’ sound with your tongue behind your teeth and breath in through your nose on the way down. Never let loose!

    You do this for 30 days you will probably notice your mid line and butt getting tighter, your movement patterns a lot better, and your conditioning go up! You have nothing to loose!

    Official dates:
    Start – Thursday, May 8, 2014
    End – Friday, June 6, 2014

    Who’s in??
    Post to comments.

  9. Jamal says:

    I am in!!

  10. Dan R says:

    Kettlebells are awesome. Learn the proper movement and weight selection with Daniel in his course/private training offer. He and I started the kettlebell class at Firepower as a way to get more peoples hands on the KB to see the benefits and essentially enjoy what we already loved doing, kettlebell workouts. Going on vacation? Bring a KB. Want to do a quick home WOD, use a KB. Have flexibility limitation with certainly barbell movements? use a KB… want to feel more European? use a KB…

  11. Adam V.S. says:

    Count me in!

  12. Daniel (Paleo) says:

    The KB Challenge is going to be awesome! 30 days. 300 russian swings per day. 55#/35# (scale as needed).

    It starts this Thursday so just start as soon as you can get your hands on a KB that day. Post your results everyday here and on our Facebook page.

    Remember, this is a challenge. If you can’t get 300 swings per day don’t worry about it. Do what you can and let us know what you are swinging daily. 9000 swings is the goal in 30 days. It’s a goal, not a necessity. Do your best!!!

    Can’t wait to see how many swings people end up getting in 30 days and the results you’ll see and feel!

  13. Karin says:

    Sounds good. I’m in 🙂

  14. Cathy Porciello says:

    I’m in! So is Jessica!

  15. Bailey says:

    I’m in 🙂

  16. Cathy says:

    I’m in! So is Jessica.

  17. Fi says:

    300 DONE!

  18. Daniel (Paleo) says:

    How did everyone do today? Google docs spreadsheet should be up by tomorrow to keep track of your swings!

  19. Belgian beast says:

    Did 300 on Thursday may 8th in between sets of the wod broke them up in 6 sets of 50

  20. Belgian beast says:

    Oh and used multi

  21. Lindsay says:

    300 swings ended up being WAY more than i thought! Broke the first 100 into sets of 50 and the remainder in to sets of 25.

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