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3-2-1 …???  What’s your level of engagement for your workout today? Are you simply going through the motions or are your actively present, ready for anything, no outside pressures or influences exist?  Your effort is what defines you, not your ability.  Coach Mitch captures the idea of Effort from the training floor.

It’s Go-Time…


Effort lives beyond words.

It is the porch light that calls your best self, home.

It is your gift. Its result, everyone else’s.

It knows nothing of competition, for it is the quickest way to a man’s truth.

It is having the courage, wherewithal and resolve to do everything YOU ask of yourself. Running, eyes-wide into the dark, or letting a planted seed grow.

Effort is not a sprint, nor a marathon. It is a learned habit that binds to the bone the harder you fall for your cause.

Be in love with your cause. For as long as it breathes, effort’s heart beats on.

Today, Effort climbs atop thought and fret.

Today, Effort rests safely above any imaginable fait.

Today, Effort takes your hand to simply say…


Let’s go!


Coach MC

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  1. Daniel (Paleo) says:

    Well said Mitch.

  2. Co-op says:


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