Debunking the Paleo Diet

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Debunking the Paleo Diet

I saw this video again the other day and it made me want to post something about it…

Have a watch then have a read below. Please post your thoughts to comments.

The whole point of the paleo lifestyle is to apply what our ancestors did to today’s modern society. Us who follow it have never claimed to not be ‘normal’ and eat grass and not fruits/veggies from the grocery store. Are we 100% cave people. Hell no! Should we apply what works for us? Hell yes! Are we ‘allowed’ to incorporate things that aren’t ancestor paleo in our lifestyle because we can and it works for us? Hell yes! I get what she is saying but I also believe she is digging too deep for no reason. Eliminate, re-introduce, see what happens. If it helps you get to your goals than do it. If it doesn’t, than don’t do it.

I am not a scientist but I do have a deep nutrition background and have worked with countless members and clients on nutrition and weight loss. Guess what?? Every single person has noticed results. We get to caught up on what the ‘rules’ are and what we really should be doing for nutrition. It’s not that difficult if you think about it…

Eat real food (meats, fish, veggies, fruits, healthy fats). Don’t eat processed food. Listen to your body. It will let you know what it likes and dislikes.

Obviously I’m a huge advocate of paleo nutrition (hence the nickname ‘Paleo.’ Which I’m called more than my real name), but that doesn’t mean you cannot live and eat in modern society. I don’t think any hardcore paleo follower wouldn’t eat grocery store fruits and veggies because they didn’t have grocery stores back in the ancestor times. Come on. Really?

Everyone has different goals and responds differently to food. The macro-nutrients proteins, carbs, and fats are your greatest weapons into getting where you want to be with your nutrition and body composition.  The key is to put the right ones, the right amounts, with the right timing into your body.

I hate when people try to justify themselves and go against this way of life because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. We (paleo followers) don’t push anything. We just go by our experience. I know when someone comes to me with a nutrition question, I will try my best to educate them, give them options, and be there for support. Its up to them to follow my advice or not. I don’t get offended if they do or don’t  but if something is wrong or you’re not happy with something but are unwilling to try new things out then that’s your decision. If something works for you but then you go back to what doesn’t work for you…then that’s also your decision.

The only reason us who are involved in this lifestyle praise it so much is because…well…it works! Try it and you’ll see. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life! It doesn’t mean you have to be an outcast. It doesn’t mean you can’t go to the grocery store or buy already butchered meat and fish. Get all of that out of your head!

The worst way to approach this lifestyle is to be too extreme because you will get caught and guarantee fail. Everyone of us has a different percentage that works for us. 95/5, 90/10, 85/15, 80/20…The key is to keep consistent. Your body is amazing. It will punish you for having something that it doesn’t like but will give you amazing rewards if you feed it what it wants/needs. The key is to be more on the rewarding side. It will allow you to have that treat once in a while (and let you know you did by making you feel it) but it won’t throw all your hard work out the window that one time. It will want you to succeed, you just have to listen to it.

Daniel (Paleo)

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  1. Laura says:

    No comments? I watched the video and I get what she’s saying but she’s going a bit overboard. I’m sure our ancestors didn’t use toilets either……..Up until june of this year, I hadn’t eaten meat for 15 years but ate somewhat close to the paleo diet with the exception of gluten free grains and legumes. I NEVER thought I would ever start eating meat again. I now follow a strict paleo diet and since have started eating meat (90/95% grass fed) and eliminated all grains and legumes. I feel great and have noticed a difference in not only my body and the way I feel but my performance at the gym. If you haven’t already tried the paleo “diet” yet, I strongly recommend you try it for 30 days and see how you feel!

  2. Tonya says:

    a great post Daniel, i still get asked if roland & i only eat if we go hunting (head shaking…); sometimes ppl miss the point but i suggest they arm wrestle me and then they shut up LOL

  3. Melissa P says:

    Awesome post paleo. I think we all get caught up in what we “can” or “cannot” have (ESP in a paleo lifestyle) but when truth of the matter is our body already knows what those cans and cannots are and like you said will show us accordingly through the way we feel, look and perform in the gym. There are plenty of healthy, strong and extremely fit ppl who don’t necessarily follow a paleo lifestyle but rather one which includes whole foods (even grains) and it works for them. I’ve tried a many of cleanses – gluten free, raw food, etc and after doing paleo for 3 months strict it really showed me how my body reacts to foods that I thought were healthy/good for me when in actuality weren’t. And it allowed me to open my eyes to a lifestyle that I know works for me and will work for me in the long run. Dont get me wrong I love a good cheat/treat night but listening to your body and recognizing what works best for you is vital for personal success! Thank u for your wonderful advice and knowledge in all things paleo :-)

  4. Keith says:

    Hey Paleo, while I do agree with what your saying, I do think that you have almost misinterpreted the point of the TED Talk and have almost created a Red Herring in regards to the topic of the Talk. Her use of the word debunk I think was a poor choice. Her goal was not to debunk the nutritional value of the Paleo Diet of which there are countless peer reviewed papers spanning over 25 years to draw from, but to debunk its “origins”. Her argument is, and I do think she successfully argued it, was that, the Paleo Diet isn’t actually based on any real ancient human diet and that humans are actually extremely well adapted to a variety of foods. This makes sense as well considering you are talking about ancient humans who spanned the globe and only ate locally/seasonally. *A couple things, I like being a devils advocate and dont mean to be an agitator etc and I only watched 2/3 to 3/4 of the video so she may have in fact gone into trying to debunk the nutritional value of the Paleo diet, which if being the case I retract most of which I just wrote*. Cheers

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