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As Soon as You Put on Your Nanos You are a CrossFitter.

Written by on April 27, 2014 in Better Health with 1 Comment

~Written by Coach Daniel (Paleo) Sonsini~

This was something I wanted to write about that was inspired by a couple of our members.

CrossFit is amazing. Sounds a little cliché but there is really no other way to describe it.  This sport can help everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, your fitness level, your abilities and disabilities.  It will change something or everything in your life if you let it, and for the better. The only thing that will prevent this is your attitude. You come in our Box with a closed mindset and negativity, no matter how much the coaches and members want to help you, you will not experience what CrossFit is all about.

Now there is a flip side to that…positivity. This will take you however far you want to go in CrossFit and in turn your life outside of our gym.  Coming in our place with an open mind and an eagerness to do your best will translate over quicker than you think. We the coaches can see who tries and commits themselves every class, and from our perspective there are no better people to teach.

Feeling and feeding off that energy makes everyone around you want to be a better athlete and help you and others to the utmost of their capabilities.

I haven’t hit on my title of this blog yet. ‘As Soon as You Put on Your Nanos You are a CrossFitter.’ What does this mean?

It means we are all equal. It means there is no one that is better than you, worse than you, or should prevent you from trying new movements, weights, intensities, or WODs.

This is where CrossFit gets a bad reputation. When people watch YouTube videos of pro CF athletes doing movements and weights that are unheard of or talk to others who have had a bad experience or just see pure stupidity, their mindset is already switched over to something negative… and if they have this perspective of CrossFit before even seeing or feeling what it is about then how or why would they ever step in our Box?

Never think you are not equal to other CrossFitters. Just because you can’t do a prescribed weight, movement, or time, doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a CrossFitter and say you do the sport with enthusiasm and pride.

Rx’d is probably the most dangerous thing CrossFit could’ve done. That’s right. It’s more detrimental than injuries, rhabdo or WODs. Not because it’s not smart to have recommended weights and times for movements, but because people see it as failing if they can’t do it. Rx’d is a recommendation for a WOD. Remember that. Anyone can make a WOD with insane weight, rounds, movements, etc. If you can’t do it are you not still a CrossFitter? Are we still not battling the same battle and feeling the same intensity?

CFHQ and Coach Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) have genius programing and can give you a good base to aim for… but if you aren’t there yet or maybe never will be there, are you any different than another CrossFitter? Not a chance! If you constantly keep feeling like a failure and like you are getting beat down, you will probably stop CrossFitting and now we have lost a member of the community.

You put on those Nano’s we are equal. Period. You are in here doing what I’m in here doing, what others are in here doing. You are pushing yourself to the limit; I am pushing myself to the limit with you. You feel like quitting, I feel like quitting with you…but we don’t and push each other through it. You silence those negative thoughts; I silence those negative thoughts with you. You do one more rep; I do one more rep with you. You cheer me on to finish; I cheer you on to finish. You are going through this; I am going through this. We are in this together.

That is really what CrossFit is all about. Times, weights, movements, it doesn’t matter. We all feel that same grind during the WOD and satisfaction after we are finished.  We help each other get through it and high five each other at the end.

CrossFit isn’t about Rx’d. CrossFit is about community. It’s about being positive. It’s about helping each other become better. It’s about looking at the white board and saying, “Let’s do this!”  It’s about throwing down together and enjoying the accomplishment of finishing.

Fast, slow, light, heavy, newbie, veteran, master, competitor. It’s all the same when you have on those Nano’s. Don’t forget that.


CF Community Pic

This pic is a perfect example. In here you will see some of the best CrossFitters in the world, some of the best in Canada east and west, some Reebok employees, some CrossFit Box owners, someCrossFit Coaches, some RCFP competitive athletes, and just some people who like to hit daily WODs. We all did a partner WOD together, cheered each other on, and just had fun throwing down.



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  1. Stew says:

    Thanx for that Daniel.
    September of last year I did foundations and then 1 WOD. Rx? Are you kidding?
    Then my wife and I’s dream of adopting came true and no more gym for almost 5 months. I’m on Parental leave and only last month our youngest (yes we adopted 2) started nursery school and I can finally make it to 9:30 am WODS 3x a week.
    Rx? Are you kidding?
    Thanx Daniel. I wear my Nanos.

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