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25 Ways to Become a Better Crossfitter

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Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, here are 25 ways you can optimize your performance in a WOD and hit some PR’s!


25 Ways You Can Become a Better Crossfitter

  1. Practice full range of motion. A lot of people forget but CrossFit workouts are intended to include full range of motion – and it matters! Learn what it is and practice it so that you can do the workouts the way they were originally intended to be done.
  2. Push your limits: Don’t always stay in your “70% comfort zone”; even if you’re only increasing by 5 pounds more than last time. Every little bit counts.
  3. Use a spotter: Sometimes it’s okay to miss reps, especially when we’re talking about maxing out. A spotter (a coach or another member) can also help you make sure your technique is spot on.
  4. Work mobility. While it is possible to stretch too much, you really can’t do too much mobility. Mobility improves range of motion in workouts by loosening tight muscles. Check out mobilitywod.com or our mobility posters in the gym or come to class Fridays at 6:30 pm. It’s a different kind of pain.
  5. Train with others. CrossFit is different from a regular gym in that you actually communicate with the people you workout with. Encourage others in workouts and watch them every now and then to see ways you can fix your technique.
  6. Don’t throw your barbell or any other equipment. Yes they have warranties. No we don’t really want to have to use them.
  7. Take your training seriously and always strive to become better.
  8. But not too seriously; not every WOD is a competition. While Crossfit is all about intense exercise and going balls-to-the wall, nobody can keep up that standard every single day—not if they want to avoid burnout and injuries anyway. All though your working hard, try to focus on your technique rather than just your time or reps.
  9. Practice handstands often. If you want to improve them, you have to practice them. Plus handstands are a great way to practice keeping your whole body tight to maintain balance.
  10. For pull-ups: have someone spot your ankles as you perform strict pull-ups (push off the spotters hands to assist reps).
  11. Don’t cherry pick your WOD’s or days. Show up those days that you’d rather stay home scrolling through your Facebook feed. Don’t hide from your weaknesses.
  12. Utilize your coach before, during, and after class. They love to talk training, food, and lifestyle so ask them questions and then shut up and listen. You may learn a few things. While you’re training call them over and ask them to watch your form and help you make sure you’re doing the movement correctly.
  13. Ask other Crossfitters for tips and tricks. Each Crossfitter is at a different stage in their fitness journey and have learned things along the way. You never know who you can learn from so keep your eyes and ears open.
  14. Practice your double-unders. Seriously. This is the only way you will improve; don’t wait until they come up in a WOD. Otherwise you’ll be doing the notorious hand-clap-and-jump while the people doing double-unders and George snicker at you. So get to class a few minutes early or make time at home and practice, practice, practice.
  15. Take advantage of the skill sessions. Pull-ups, lifting, whatever the skill and regardless of whether you think you’ve got it or not, sign up and go. It’s a good time to learn drills for perfecting a skill and to have a trainer make sure you’re doing it right.
  16. Train planks often. These are a really great way to practice keeping your body tight and for strengthening head-to-toe muscles. Stay-up until you start shaking and then hold for a few seconds more. These require mental toughness but ultimately improve as you practice them more.
  17. Have a recovery plan: hot/cold water, massage, foam rolling, pre and post-workout nutrition, ice, Epsom salt baths.
  18. If you haven’t already, get your family involved. Start working on them now, but don’t guilt trip them into it either. It’s important to have support outside of the gym too.
  19. Do travel or home WOD’s if you can’t make it to the gym. There are tons on the internet that require minimal equipment and space. Push ups, air squats, planks, handstands, you’ll be surprised at just how effective pure calisthenics can be. One of my favorite sites is bodeefit.com. Their daily CrossFit-style workouts require little to no equipment or space and are highly effective.
  20. Listen to your coaches: they aren’t talking for their benefit (they know this sh*t inside and out!) and they aren’t trying to make your lives miserable—hey you signed up for this!
  21. Work on your lifestyle and nutrition. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Eat clean, real food. There are plenty of resources out there on good nutrition, not necessarily paleo or zone,  although if that works for you then all the more power to you. Get the family involved in meal planning and activities.
  22. Take rest days. Yes we know you can’t stay away but seriously Crossfit is demanding and you can have too much of a good thing. On your days off do something different, go for a swim, a long walk, do some yoga. The wider your range of activities the more complete your fitness is. You don’t practice “functional” fitness for nothing!
  23. Set goals. After your workout consider what you excelled at and what you think you could have done better. Set a plan for yourself that you can follow to optimize your workouts.
  24. Focus on what you’re doing. Although many workouts are for time, it’s important to slow down and really concentrate on the moves to get them just right. You have to walk before you can run. So, slow down, focus, and soon you’ll find your rhythm.
  25. Listen to your body: learn when you can push past the red-line and when you need to back off. Learn when you need to rest and when you feel you can go a little further. Learn what your body responds to and what it doesn’t. This will help you develop a plan that works for you. Remember that everybody is different and has different abilities.

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  1. Greg B says:

    To add to #19. When you travel, try other boxes! There are so many around the world and the community is amazing and so welcoming! All boxes are different, all their vibes are different but you get a chance to see other trainers, athletes, facilities and tips or cues. I’ve now been to 17 boxes across NA and Europe and it is one of my favourite parts of travelling! Plus you can represent RCFP (important to remember you are so don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at RCFP) and brag about being a member of this great place.

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